"What this world needs is another LaGuardia, and I am truly honored and excited to present The Little Flower, the return of our one-man show. His legacy will live on forever." 

About the Show

The Little Flower is an educational, inspirational and comedic one-man show, set in the 1945 City Hall office of Fiorello H. La Guardia, during his final day as three-term mayor of New York City.

The Little Flower presents a historic look into the life and career of Mayor LaGuardia - a courageous and flamboyant personality, who read comics to the children during a newspaper strike, fought against corruption and cleaned up city politics, setting a new standard for politicians in America. 

He was a great statesman and champion of the poor and underprivileged, and a father figure to millions of Americans during hard times in the 1930s-1940s. La Guardia was a man of integrity with outstanding principles, morals, and values, whose voice resonated throughout America. He was steadfast in standing up for his beliefs regardless of obstacles, challenges or political agenda. 

The show flashes between "present-day" 1945 and back to significant moments in LaGuardia's life - memories both triumphant and tragic. The colorful LaGuardia guides us through the first half of the American 20th century, showing us how he not only lived through these troubled times, but shaped them.

America's challenges in LaGuardia's time parallel the political challenges of today. LaGuardia held strong convictions on family values, inflation, women’s suffrage, financial responsibility, education, unions, political corruption and prohibition. He transcended political party barriers while holding strong to his plan of action that served him well then - and could serve the American people today.


Politicians Agree:

It was wonderful. Now I know what to do.
— Mayor Michael Bloomberg after seeing “La Guardia.”
Bravo! Tony brilliantly transforms himself into becoming “The Little Flower”, then convinces the audience he is Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia by a superb performance.
— Governor Mario Cuomo
Fiorello La Guardia truly comes to life on the stage. This one-man tour de force is a must see for anyone who loves the history of what makes New York City the unique city that it is. Lo Bianco gives a skillful and passionate interpretation of this extraordinary leader!
— Thomas DiNapoli, New York State Comptroller
Lo Bianco is a knockout. He captures La Guardia’s essence in this funny and poignant play...He is inspiring!
— Congressman Mario Biaggi
Mr. Lo Bianco’s award-winning performance should not be missed! Please take time from your busy schedule and go see Tony Lo Bianco’s extremely realistic performance. You will not be sorry. He is so convincing you feel as though you are looking at and hearing Mayor Fiorello La Guardia live on stage.
— James C. Lisa, Italian American Journal
La Guardia’ is brilliantly performed by Tony Lo Bianco and transports you to a bygone era in NYC’s history. It is as topical as today’s news with a history lesson to boot. Tony is superb in delivering a fascinating performance.
— Joe Bruno, Commissioner NYC OEM
Brilliant! A man of and for the people. Government at its best.
— Peter Vallone, Fmr. Council Speaker, New York City
The Little Flower just spoke to me. I think Tony Lo Bianco is an incredible performer. You felt like you were in the Mayor’s office seeing the real thing; hearing the real thing. The messaging just hit my heart and soul. To me, the whole show showcases reaching for and grasping the American dream. We’re a compilation of journeys that have built this wonderful United States and those journeys are our sacrifice. And his message to us; his appeal to us to take that sacrifice and embed our own sacrifice was powerful. Just the way he built a city and did it in bipartisan spirit with integrity, and forcefulness...that’s leadership. But it was done for the people. Just an absolutely tremendous message. I love the line, “compel you to respect me.” When you show true leadership; when you invest in people. It’s what we need today: investing in America. And that’s what I heard. Hard work. It just struck me that this man worked twelve years as mayor of the largest city; the greatest city, and did it in a way that came with self-sacrifice where he just worked day in and day out without taking any vacations. The country needs that character; that sort of integrity. And it just speaks to any of us in public office today. The Little Flower showcased not only in the United States but around the world; going to Russia! Where the American Ambassador said to Tony, “You have done more for our country in 2 hours, than I have been able to do in 2 years.” This is a wonderful, powerful statement, and you can’t think of a better performer than Tony Lo Bianco to have done this marvelous production.
— Congressman Paul Tonko, NY 20th Congressional District
It was fantastic. Tony Lo Bianco makes you feel like you’re meeting and getting to know a guy. Tony makes you feel him—you feel his heart! You feel the way he thinks. It just all comes through; it’s fantastic. Being a former history major in college, being a lover of history, I love not only getting to know Mayor La Guardia. But I love getting to know his heart through Tony. The whole lesson; the whole evening is really something we need to put in application in Congress every day.
— Congressman Louie Gohmert, TX 1st Congressional District
It was great to hear some of his quotes and some of his life accomplishments about New York and the history that all come together. La Guardia set an incredible example and this play brings that all to life. Tony Lo Bianco did an incredible job in capturing the man and all that he did for New York City and for the Country.
— Congressman John Mica, FL 7th Congressional District

The Critics Say:

Tony Lo Bianco shows what made the man who ran the city from 1934-1945 so beloved. There is no question that Mr. Lo Bianco has the skills to pull off a demanding solo performance. He is at his finest performance. Mr. Lo Bianco, who also directed and wrote the material, has clout.
— Anita Gates, The New York Times
Tony Lo Bianco shines in his stirring solo show about New York’s legendary mayor. Lo Bianco’s impassioned delivery of a vintage campaign speech could have been written yesterday. A highly energetic and entertaining performance!
— Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter
Tony Lo Bianco is a supremely talented and innovative actor who brings Mayor Fiorello La Guardia to life in an evening so exhilarating that New Yorkers - especially political junkie types — who don’t catch this one-man show should be fined. It would be a crime to miss it.
— The New York Post, Linda Stasi, NY1 commentator
Bravo Tony! A wonderful performance about Mayor La Guardia, a man of his time and ours.
— Pia Lindström
Tony Lo Bianco gives a mesmerizing and beyond brilliant performance. His transition into La Guardia captures the essence of this lovable man. I for one nominate Tony Lo Bianco to run for mayor!
— Jules Peimer, Broadway After Dark
A delight! New York’s most colorful mayor comes alive. A wonderful evening of theater. Tony Lo Bianco is brilliant!
— Jeffrey Lyons, WNBC
Tony Lo Bianco is LaGuardia! To watch the joyous faces of all who see him in this role reminds us of the great love New Yorkers still have for their former Mayor.
— Katherine D. LaGuardia, grand-daughter and Chair, Fiorello H. LaGuardia Foundation